Ziptrack Outdoor Blinds, track-guided blinds are the ideal solution for quick, neat and easy operation of vertical screening.

Ziptrak® is simple to use – no chains, ropes or pulleys, providing effortless operation. Thanks to the patented spring-balanced system, the blind easily glides up and down, stopping in any position.

The Ziptrak® track-guided blind system provides protection from the elements by allowing you to easily control airflow, light and temperature.

Ziptrak® allows you to make the most of the outdoors while offering protection from wind, rain, dust, glare and insects.

If you want to extend your living space and enjoy year-round outdoor entertaining, Ziptrak® is the answer.

Motorised or manual operation available. Standard colours are White, Cream, Paperbark, Woodland Grey and Black.

Connect with the outdoors

Ziptrak® blinds allow you to control airflow, light and temperature whilst remaining connected with nature. Relax and indulge in your own private retreat.


The blind can be left at any height or locked at the lowest position. Unlock and operate from the centre with one easy movement.

Sunscreen Mesh and PVC

The blind material is available in a wide range of colours and transparencies. Control the elements, but maintain your view.


Optional motorisation is a popular choice for many household and commercial applications. The motor is hidden within the hood, and the blind can be left at any height.

New Wider Ziptrak

Exciting new possibilites

  • Span greater widths and enjoy uninterrupted views using a single blind
  • Recent upgrades allow for an attractive finish on large blinds
  • New and available now!

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